Bread cutting board

  • Kitchen board made of solid oak wood.
  • Handmade, perfect craftsmanship to the smallest detail
  • Standing, lying, strong magnets hold the knife and is always in a "stand by" position at hand on the kitchen counter.
  • The grooved side is suitable for slicing bread, the smooth side for slicing anything else.
  • Thanks to the generous dimensions, you will work great on it 44 x 28 x 2.8cm.
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Category: Designs

One of our latest products, which we introduced at this year's Designblok 2019. A solid oak plank provides plenty of room for any job. We like to think about our products in detail so that the board provides two-way variability from slicing bread to slicing vegetables.

We produce boards at Hukvaldy in the foothills of the Beskydy Mountains from high-quality oak wood, which comes from Domaslavice. The journey of wood to your table lasted almost 3 years and the wood from tree to plank has not traveled more than 45 km. Why also transport timber over half the globe when we have great and quality trees in our country? First, the log is cut into planks which have dried under the roof for at least 2 years under the access of fresh air and normal humidity, and then dried in drying rooms to an interior humidity of 8-12%. Only then is it time to make products for your kitchens.

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